This is my mom’s recipe. Usually I prepare dhals with greens. Today I was not in the mood for dhals. I wanted to have something simple. This was the first time I prepared keerai poriyal. We had it today for lunch as a side dish to go with rice. My mom used to prepare this with amaranth leaves or drum stick leaves. I have used baby spinach leaves here. It was also delicious like the other greens. This is a simple and fast dish. The seasonings used are mustard seeds and green chili. They can be eaten with rice or rotis.

Any greens like spinach, 1 big bunch.
Small onions, ½ cup or medium sized red onion, 1.
Garlic, 2 pods.
Mustard seeds, 1 teaspoon.
Red chilies, 2.
Salt as per taste.

Chop the small onions or red onions into small pieces. Crush the garlic coarsely. Clean the greens thoroughly and chop them into small pieces. Heat a pan with some oil. When the oil is hot enough, add the mustard seeds and let it splutter. When the mustard seeds have spluttered, add the red chiles. The red chiles can be broken into 2 or added as whole. Then add the chopped onion and crushed garlic and sauté them for 2 minutes. When the onions are well cooked, add the chopped greens along with salt and sauté everything for a few more minutes under medium flame. Cook them closed for a few more minutes until the greens have wilted and the dish has become dry. Then switch off the stove and serve this poriyal with rice or rotis.

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