For the past one month, my husband and I were simply obsessed with cooking everything in the oven. He even suggested me to bake vadas!!!! Hmmm, may be I could try that! This recipe was also the result of my experiments with the oven. I am not that good with cauliflower poriyals. They either turn up too mushy or end uncooked. In the end, I stopped making cauliflower poriyals. Instead of that, I used to prepare gobi manchurian. Today I was in the mood of something less oily being a weekday. This oven-roasted cauliflower was great and soft with the correct spices. I served this as a side dish for rice with parupu keerai and potato fry. I used only a spray of canola oil for the whole dish. Here goes the recipe.

Cauliflower, cut into small flowerets filling up a big bowl or around 5-6 cups.
Chili powder, 2 teaspoons.
Coriander powder, 1 teaspoon.
Ginger-garlic paste, 1 teaspoon.
Tandoori masala powder or garam masala (optional), 1 teaspoon.
Salt as per taste.
Turmeric powder, ½ teaspoon.
Cilantro and curry leaves, a few sprigs.

Cut the cauliflower into medium-sized flowerets. Blanch them in boiling water for 2 minutes and drain them. Chop the cilantro and curry leaves and keep aside. Take a big bowl and put the flowerets into the bowl. Add the chili powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, salt and mix everything well. Take a baking pan and spray the pan with any oil. Arrange the cauliflower flowerets on the pan and cook them at 400 degrees for around 15-20 minutes. Then reduce the temperature of the oven to 350 degrees and cook for another 15 minutes. In the end, add the chopped cilantro and curry leaves to the cauliflower and mix everything well and cook for another 1 minute. Serve hot with rice or rotis.

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