I tasted methi malai mattar only recently. I loved the taste so much that I thought of preparing it at home that same weekend. Most of the recipes that I googled had at least half-a-cup of heavy cream used in the gravy, so the idea of preparing methi malai mattar was dropped temporarily since my husband was on a diet. Recently on a Food Network show, I don’t remember which one since I have been watching Food Network like crazy recently :( There was one episode in which a low-fat clam chowder in which 2% milk was substituted in place of heavy cream to reduce the calories in the chowder. That flashed a light over my head and here I am having a recipe for low-fat methi malai mattar. Since this was the first time, I was preparing this dish, I used whole milk here. Next time, I should try this with nonfat milk or fat free half and half and see. The result was this low-fat version tasted like the one with cream and it was also thick. There was no difference in the taste.

Methi leaves (Fenugreek greens), 2 bunches.
Onions, 2.
Tomato, 1.
Green chiles, 2.
Whole milk, ½ cup or fat free half and half.
Ginger garlic paste, 1 teaspoon.
Fresh or frozen peas, 1 cup.
Salt as per taste.
Mustard seeds, ¼ teaspoon.
Cumin seeds, ¼ teaspoon.

Clean the fenugreek leaves and remove the leaves from the stems. Chop the onions and tomato into small pieces. Slit the green chilies into 2. Heat a pan with some oil. When the oil starts to smoke, add the mustard seeds and let it splutter. Then add the cumin seeds and after a few seconds when the cumin seeds change color, add the chopped onions, tomato, green chili, and ginger-garlic paste and sauté for a few minutes until everything is well blended. Add the fenugreek leaves, peas, 1/4 cup of water along with ½ of milk and salt as per taste and cook closed under medium flame for 5-7 minutes until the peas are cookes and a thick consistency is obtained. Switch off the stove and serve hot with rotis.


Shreya said...

hi Gita, I have never tried this. Looks very interesting, the combo of methi, mattar and malai! Reg, the cucumber coriander soup, I boiled it specifically because I wanted to make a soup, otherwise it more or less becomes like a warm salad, also the cucumber will remain crunchy which will not make the soup creamy and soft. Do try it without boiling and let me know if it comes out well:-)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Methi and Muttar wow sounds gr8. Malai in combo wow. Must try. Bookmarked!

Purva Desai said...

this is one of my fav sabji.....and even i prepared it in a similar way....instead of dashing malai i prefer adding milk to the gravy....
urs looks really tempting

anudivya said...

Gita, a suggestion whole milk has a lot fat in it, you may want to try fat-free half-and-half milk the next time, it is thick but also fat free, best of whole worlds. Again, Just a suggestion. Your recipe sounds yum

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

I make use of Methi in many dishes but I havent thought of this, and that too low-fat wonderful recipe

Viki Xavier. said...

Hi Gita, what a nice combination of fenugreek leaves and grean peas .
Every evening i search for some side dishes for chapathi in the net.
I am you blog will help me a lot in preparing my dinners.Thanks a lot.

Sagari said...

yumm ,curry looks delecious geetha

Kitchen Flavours said...

I tagged you Please click on the link to follow. Eggless Cheesy & Spicy CupCakes

viji said...

gita i tagged u in meme,check my blog