Guest post -Delicious Casseroles Give Cancer Patients Important Nutrients

This is a guest post from Jillian McKee, who is currently researching and writing about healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. She recently sent me this wonderful article, which is especially very useful for someone going through the battle of cancer. This article is about the benefits of eating healthy during and after a diagnosis of any kind if cancer. Each cancer has its limitations, but if one can keep healthy body, they have a better chance to overcome this awful disease. I feel this is true for all types of diseases even for chronic illnesses like diabetes. Thank you Jillian McKee for sending us this informative post and letting us know more about battling cancer and eating.


Coming up with appetizing recipes for main meals can be a challenge, especially when the doctor has ordered that the person must consume healthy foods that are high in calcium and nutrients. Cheese and vegetables provide many health benefits such as added energy to help cancer patients, whether diagnosed with breast cancer, mesothelioma, or lung cancer. Increased energy levels can lead to a person gaining enough strength and endurance to begin exercising in order to better handle their cancer treatments.

While it may be a challenge to create easy and healthy menus for cancer patients, there are a variety of casseroles that can be cooked, frozen, and then thawed and reheated for fast and delicious meals. Many cancer patients have friends and family members who will bring them meals they can freeze and pull out whenever a meal is needed. This is a huge help to people with cancer who are busy going to chemo and radiation treatments and for people who are tired and have depleted energy due to the disease.

A variety of nutritious ingredients can be utilized to make creative, delectable casseroles that can be frozen or had fresh out of the oven. Whole grain, brown rice casseroles can be complemented with fresh parsley, red onions, broccoli, chicken broth, and sliced carrots. Combine the vegetable and seasoning ingredients with partially-cooked wild rice, mushrooms, a cup of milk, and top with cheese. Cover this casserole and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees for a perfectly delicious and nutritious casserole.

There are many fresh and wholesome ingredients that can be used for casseroles. Vegetable and cheese casseroles can be complemented with whole grain pastas, broths, and milk for the perfect mixture of delicious taste and valuable nutrients. Seasonings that work well to jazz up healthy casseroles include basil, cilantro, lemon, pepper, and sage. Each of these brings different and tasty flavors to any meal and can quickly transform an ordinary casserole into mouthwatering casserole.

Black beans, red beans, and toasted nuts also add taste, flavor, and healthy forms of protein to casseroles. Mexican casseroles, Indian casseroles, and classic American casseroles are just some of the numerous options to choose from. They all result in appetizing dinners that are easy to prepare and they provide wonderful nutritious value to a cancer patient.

Live Strong provides many nutritious ideas and recipes for vegetarian casseroles. Eating healthy and consuming meals loaded with vitamins and calcium will provide numerous physical advantages to a person who is struggling with cancer.

Increasing levels of energy and improving the immune system can potentially be accomplished by switching to a diet that is high in fiber, calcium, and nutrients that are commonly found in dairy products, vegetables, whole grain breads and rice, and nuts.

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