Guest post by Emily Roberts - Seven top tips on funding private medical treatment costs

Dear friends, this is a very  informative guest post from Emily Roberts, who is Tech writer from UK. She writes articles related to the Health and Finance. Thank you very much Emily for sending in such an useful article and giving us all these useful money-saving tips.

7 top tips on funding private medical treatment costs

In the present generation, all the prices of essentials are sky rocketing. Even the medical treatments also come under this category. Here are few choices which can be opted to fund costs of your medical treatment.


It is a vital step which is must and has to be taken up by everyone. Savings is a safety guard which acts as a standby and won’t tend you to take debts or extra amounts in any emergencies. To secure your future it is must to save your earnings. Make a budget of monthly expenses and prioritise the essentials. Don’t spend for luxuries and don’t get attracted by excitements. Take wise decisions and stick to your plan.

Negotiate with the doctor:

If you are unable to make the whole payment at a time, then talk with your doctor and explain him about your financial situation. Request him for discounts as it assists you financial help to make the payment. Else ask him to divide the amount in instalments as it will reduce your burden top pay the bill at a time and also will be easier to repay it sooner.

Credit cards:

Though not all the credit cards will provide service medical aid but few will help to make the payment of hospital bills such as inpatient, prescription, blood units and so on. Credit cards will charge you a little extra amount to make the payments but supports you best in case of money shortage.

Medical loans:

You can take a medical loan to finance your treatment. There are few health advances which provide you the money required for lower interest-rate. Some of them will pay your medical bill on behalf of you which in turn you have to pay them later. But make sure to pay the recovery as not face any catastrophes.

Personal loan:

Though the personal loan is a time taking process, take a loan from private banks as they provide the amount in fewer days. But these banks cost a little high rate of interest when compared to traditional banks. This can be preferable when you are left with no other option and can able to bear the higher interest as well.

Health insurance:

Being secured under insurance will get you ample aids. Health insurance will help to pay your medical bills and few of them will make the payment of the whole amount that covered your treatment instead of you. So, it is recommendable to secure your life with a health insurance and others.

Health cards:

Health cards the assistances that are offered to you by the government. Not only for the regime treatments but also these cards help you even for private cures. These cards will fetch you ample benefits such as discounts of your payment, free check-ups and so on.

EMI schemes:

Many of the doctors provide health services on equated monthly instalments (EMI). Search for those and ensure whether the treatments offered can be trusted or not. Make the payment to doctor timely according to the agreement which you have taken up.

Short term loans:

Short-term loans or cash advances are the one the best choices which can be in the emergency situations as they provide you the money instantly. These are unsecured loans and won’t check your credit status to offer you the amount.

If you are unable to make the payment of recovery due to short of money, then take loans for bad debt that provide you with the required cash.

Author Bio:

Emily Roberts is a Tech writer from UK. She writes articles related to the Health and Finance. You can catch her @financeport


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