Guest post by Jack Meyers -Four Foods to Eat in Order to Control Type 2 Diabetes

Dear friends, here is a wonderful post from Jack Meyers about foods which help to keep type 2 diabetes under control.  A big thanks to Jack Meyers for such an informative article, which help me to stay on track with healthy eating.

4 Foods to Eat in Order to Control Type 2 Diabetes
Taking care of your body can be a full-time job in many cases. Those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes could have to alter his or her lifestyle and eating habits in a variety of ways. The ultimate goal of caring for these diabetics is the reduction of weight and careful monitoring of blood sugar levels. There are many foods you can eat that will keep your blood sugar levels normal and help you drop those extra pounds that are putting you at risk. Carbohydrates are the main focus of a diet for Type 2 diabetics and they don't have to be lacking in taste.

1. Beans - Although eating a bowl of chili doesn't count as good bean intake for your diabetic diet, this multiple-benefit food is a good place to start. Beans are high in protein, fiber, and contain the high-quality carbohydrates your body needs in order to help deter the negative effects of Type 2 Diabetes. Many people will make a multi-bean vegetable salad that provides a great deal of the vitamins and nutrients you need as well as providing the carbohydrates for diabetes.

2. Fish - The use of fish is prominent in a variety of diets. Not only do they supply the quality carbohydrates that those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes needs, but they also contain Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids contribute to weight loss and help your body absorb the good fats that it needs to sustain itself.


3. Unsalted Almonds - Almonds are loaded with mono saturated fats and magnesium. A daily intake of magnesium has been known to reduce the chances of developing diabetes by 33%. This doesn't mean you should go out and drink a bottle of Amaretto every day. Adding almonds to salads, chicken, fish, or eaten as a plain snack can go a long way to helping your diabetic diet. 

4. A Spinach Salad - You don't have to cook spinach into a slimy substance in order to eat it. In fact, a salad prepared using spinach instead of lettuce loaded with mushrooms and broccoli can be one of the most enjoyable and healthy foods you could eat. As all of the above are non-starchy, nutrient loaded, and have a low impact on your blood sugar, you can eat as much of this salad as you want.

Regardless of what diet methods you decide to partake in, you can't go wrong by consulting your physician. He or she will know what the best course of action is for you and how to keep your body from imploding. Although you may have to make sacrifices to some of the delicacies you've grown accustomed to, it is far better than the alternative.

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Jack Meyers is a regular contributor for As a detective he wants to spread the knowledge of terrible things that can happen when people don’t fully verify the credentials of a caregiver or any employee. He also writes for various law enforcement blogs and sites.

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