Guest Post by Alison Howard - 3 Reasons Why Processed Meat and Too Much Protein Are Linked to Diabetes

Dear friends, Here is a wonderful and very useful post by Alison Howard, this is a must-read for all diabetics and also for those who are in the diabetic-risk group; another reason why processed meats and red meats should be avoided by diabetics.

3 Reasons Why Processed Meat and Too Much Protein Are Linked to Diabetes
Eating meat is something that millions of people across the country do every day. At this point in history, individuals generally realize that many different activities pose some sort of health risk. However, you might not know that eating too much processed meat and protein could lead to the diabetes. What are the reasons for this connection?

Weight Gain
You are probably aware that being overweight or obese can be a direct link to diabetes. When you put on the pounds, you are also increasing your chances of getting diabetes and other types of diseases. Lots of meat, especially beef and pork, can really start to make you gain weight. Therefore, your chance of getting diabetes rises. Selecting lean cuts of meat is a really smart idea. When you are craving sausage, look for turkey or chicken sausage instead. If you are going to purchase beef, you can usually look for versions that have less fat in them.

Type 2 Diabetes
Livestrong's article by Angela Ogunjimi entitled "Diabetes & Red Meat" discusses the connection that has been found between type 2 diabetes and eating red meat. According to Ogunjimi, Harvard University conducted an extensive study that looked at the link between meat consumption and diabetes. The researchers found that people who consumed more meat were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Ogunjimi goes on to explain how the researchers discovered that people might be taking in too much iron and too much sodium nitrate, and both of these substances can lead to an increased risk of diabetes.

Other Substances
In your meats, you are also going to find an array of other substances that could cause problems. Salt is a major culprit of which you need to be aware. As you probably know, any type of processed food is likely to be loaded with salt. Not only is this salt bad if you are trying to avoid diabetes, but it can cause other health problems as well. The Heart's article "Processed Meat, Not Red Meat Per Se, Linked to CHD, Diabetes" by Lisa Nainggolan talks about how the presence of salt, saturated fat and cholesterol in these processed meats can cause health problems.

What to Do
You might be a little bit worried because you do love your meat. Well, as mentioned earlier, you can certainly looking into less fattening alternatives. You might even want to have a vegetarian night or a vegan night once in awhile when dinner time comes around so that you are not eating as much meat. Chicken, turkey and seafood are always excellent choices too. Start looking around online to find recipes. Of course, whenever it comes to medical issues, you must speak to your doctor.

Now, as you can see, eating too much processed meat and having too much protein can certainly increase your risk of getting diabetes. Diabetes is a seriously disease that can completely change your life, so you want to make sure you are taking any necessary steps to avoid it.
Author Pam Johnson is a certified nursing assistant who cares for a majority of diabetes patients. She obtained her degree from one of the Top 10 Best Online Certified Nursing Assistant Programs.


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