Guest post from Cole Millen - Making the Right Food Choices During Your Getaway

 A big thanks to Mr. Cole Millen for sending in such an useful article for staying healthy and on the track with the diet during travel.   He has shared some useful links about restaurants that serve healthy foods options and also some other useful links.

Making the Right Food Choices During Your Getaway
For most people, vacations are a time to splurge and live it up. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to get carried away with your eating habits. If you want to maintain your figure during your time away from work, check out the following tips to prevent weight gain and other health problems.
Prepare meals ahead of time
If at all possible, you should pack your own food for the vacation. Bringing food allows you to consciously make healthy choices while leaving the bad stuff at home. Ideally, you would take along a cooler filled with nutritious foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh produce smoothies. If you think about it, many healthy food choices are whole foods that do not require any prep at all. You just need pack some healthy snacks! If you don't mind cooking while on vacation, there are many quick and simple dishes that can be made with basic ingredients. Sandwiches, wraps, pastas, and dips are some common on-the-go favorites. You can even bring supplements such as multivitamins or fish oil if you fear it will be hard to eat nutritious food.

Spend your trip in a health-conscious locale 
The most important aspect of a vacation is to ensure that you are staying in a place that will allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Pick a destination where the people are nuts about nutrition and exercise, and "do as the locals do." The best way to locate a hotel in one of these areas is to do your research online. Many travel websites and blogs include plenty of information for those looking to eat healthy on vacation. On a recent trip to Sin City I found a great site that listed reviews for LasVegas hotels regarding their amenities and services as well as the restaurants in the surrounding area. This made it easier than ever to find the healthy places to go to eat nutritiously and deliciously on my vacation.
Dine out at restaurants that offer healthy dishes 
If packing is out of the question, consider dining out at restaurants that include healthy options on their menus. Look for keywords like "low-calorie" or "low-fat." Also strive to stick with foods that are fresh and vibrant in color. Anything comprised mainly of fruits and veggies should be a good choice unless it is covered in a rich sauce. You can eat meat as well, but go for lean cuts like chicken breast, duck breast, or sirloin steak. Fish is an excellent lean protein. Instead of ordering sandwiches with the bread or an extra side of rice or pasta, cut the carbs and go for lettuce as a vessel or a side of steamed yams. Some restaurants specialize in vegetarian cuisine, organic foods, or raw foods, so look out for these in the vicinity of your vacation spot. Try to avoid processed foods, sugary drinks, and rich desserts at all costs.
Eat less
In rare cases, you won't get much of a say about what to eat. Examples of this include going to a romantic bed and breakfast where a fixed menu is served or staying at a luxury resort where the included meals are served at an on-site restaurant. When you don't have the option to eat as healthy as you'd like, the best alternative is to eat less of the less healthy stuff. Overeating is the number one cause of weight gain, and it is due to consuming an excess of calories. Since many restaurant foods are high in fat and calories, eating less would prevent you from gaining weight--even if the food isn't very good for you. Think about eating half of a plate and getting a doggy bag for the rest each time you dine out.
Stay away from alcohol 
Many people enjoy red wines, champagnes, cocktails, and beers on vacation, but these beverages are full of empty calories that do nothing but pack on body fat and weight. Avoid alcohol completely if you can. If you must drink, choose shots of straight liquor since they contain the fewest calories per serving.


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This is a great article. It can really be challenging to eat healthy during your getaways. All the traveling can make us really tired and hungry.

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