Ragi (Red millet) and greens adai

This is one of the easiest breakfast recipes and can be made in a jiffy with just a few ingredients. Drumstick leaves (moringa oleifera) is the commonly used greens in this adai.  We don't get those here, so I have just used some spinach here.  Any other greens like amaranth or collard greens can also be used here.

1. Ragi (red millet) flour, 1 cup.
2. Any greens like spinach, 1/2 bunch or a cup full, washed and chopped finely. If drumstick leaves are used, they can be added as whole.
3. Ginger, a small piece, finely minced.
4. Green chilies, 1-2, finely minced.
5. Salt as per taste.

Add the chopped greens, ginger, green chilies, and salt to the ragi flour.  Knead it into a smooth dough by adding some water. The dough should not be too sticky (more flour can be added if needed). The consistency should be like for a chapathi dough.  Heat a cast iron or a non-stick pan and rub the surface of the pan with a soft cloth soaked with oil.  Make a small tennis ball-size ball from the dough.  Flatten it on the palm and place it on the hot pan. Flatten the adai and spread it out evenly on the pan with caution. This must be done quickly as the adai starts getting cooked as soon as it is placed on the pan. Add a little bit of oil on the sides.  The flame should be low-to-medium, so that the adais will not burn. After 2 minutes, flip the adai to the other side and let it cook for 2 more minutes under low flame. Serve hot adais with jaggery (palm sugar), or any tomato-based chutney.

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