Multi-grain Adai With Kara Chutney Recipe

This recipe request from one of my readers. She specifically wanted only multi-grain adai and also the perfect side dish to go with that.  We usually make kara chutney for adais and these adais also go well with  jaggery. I even use palm sugar or coconut palm sugar these days. The only difference between the regular adais and these ones are that I have added some more legumes, horse gram, brown rice, and barley to this ideal for a tasty and protein-packed breakfast or dinner.

Multi-grain Adai

Brown rice, ¼ cup.
Toor dhal, ¼ cup.
Moon dhal, ¼ cup.
Channa dhal, ¼ cup.
Urad dhal, ¼ cup.
Horsegram, ¼ cup
Any legumes or beans of choice like rajma, white beans, black-eyed peas, ¼ cup and soaked overnight.
Barley, ¼ cup, soaked overnight (optional)
Dried red chilies, 2-3 depending upon preferred heat level. These days I use only 1 chili since the kids don’t eat too much heat.
Curry leaves, a sprig.
Diced onions, 1 cup.
Cumin seeds, ½ teaspoon.
Salt as per taste.
Asafetida, a pinch.

Wash the brown rice and all the pulses and soak them for an hour. Add any of the legumes, which were soaked overnight to the rice and pulses mixture and grind it to a smooth paste along with the red chilies.  Meanwhile sauté the diced onions, cumin seeds, and curry leaves until the onions are translucent. Add the sautéed onions to the batter along with some salt. The consistency for the adai batter should be like that of a dosa batter. It should be thin enough to be poured from a ladle onto a pan.  Heat a flat bottomed pan and rub the surface of the pan with a soft cloth soaked in oil. Once the pan is hot, pour a ladle full of the batter onto the pan and gently spread them evenly throughout the pan. Pour a teaspoon of oil over the edges of the adai and let it cook under medium flame for a minute and then flip the adai to the other side. Let the other side cook for another minute or two and serve the adais hot with kara (hot) chutney.

Kara Chutney For Adai

Peeled pearl onions, 1 cup.
Dried red chilies, 6-8 depending upon preferred heat level.
Chopped ginger, 1 tablespoon
Tamarind, a small gooseberry size.
Salt as per taste.

Sauté the onions along with the red chilies and ginger and let it cool.  Grind everything into a smooth paste along with salt and tamarind and dilute with some water to get the desired consistency.

Note: This chutney is not usually seasoned. If preferred, regular seasonings of mustard seeds and urad dhal can be added.


Sony P said...

Super healthy ........ Too gud!

Ms.Chitchat said...

Very healthy adai.

Maha Gadde said...

Very tempitng n healthy break fast

Newbcook said...

How many dosa will get?

Gita Jaishankar said...

Newbcook: for this amount you will get around 12 medium size adais