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What to Pack When You're A Diabetic

Diabetics lead active lifestyles too. They have families and jobs just like others. They take vacations and trips too. When you suffer from type 1 diabetes, it is extremely important that you pack the right things to take along with you when you travel to avoid complications with managing type 1 diabetes. Here are just a few things you should not leave behind: insulin, needles or other injection devices, other prescribed medications, blood glucose monitor, test strips, alcohol pads, lancets, your diet snacks, diet drinks, and food if you do not plan to dine out, your health care providers name and phone number, your health care insurance card, your medical bracelet, tag or necklace, and proper identification. If your doctor has told you to keep track of your blood glucose levels by log, then don't forget the log so you may continue posting your level.

This is one of the most important things you should never leave behind. Your doctor has prescribed insulin to help you better control your blood sugar or blood glucose level, and without it you may end up in the emergency room with high blood glucose. You may become dehydrated and experience other serious complications.

Needles and other injection devices
These are the only tools that help you get the correct dosage of insulin your doctor has prescribed and leaving these tools behind can cause you a great deal of stress. You can save time and money by not forgetting your injection devices.

Prescribed Medications
If you take medication in the form of pills or liquid to control your glucose level, then pack these things too. Make a check off list before packing to ensure you do not forget the most important things concerning your health.

Diet snacks, drinks, and food
You can save time and money by not forgetting to take your diet along with you. If you are traveling on a budget, then this will be an excellent idea. Eating fast food and fattening food on your trip can cause your glucose level to rise and you can become sick.

Alcohol Pads
Alcohol pads are extremely important to prevent infections when you are giving yourself an injection or checking your blood glucose level using lancets to prick your finger. Before taking your insulin injection, the area should be cleaned properly with the alcohol pad. After taking your injection you should clean the area properly with the alcohol pad.

Overall Diabetes Management
There are diabetic care teams that will help you reach your goals in overall diabetes management. Setting goals will help you better manage the disease. When you reach your goal in diabetes management, you will have improved your overall health and self esteem. A mental health counsellor will also benefit you. They can help you with emotional support, stress and anxiety issues. Reducing stress and anxiety is very important when it comes to regulating blood glucose levels. Packing the right things with you when traveling is also a part of good diabetes management.

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