Khara Bath/ Masala Rava Kichadi (made with wheat rava)

I saw this recipe at Sathya's space recently and I wanted to try this right away. I followed her original recipe and the only changes that I made was to use wheat rava instead of regular rava and added some fennel seeds in the seasonings.  This is a very flavorful dish and the spice powder added in the end gives a complete new taste to the dish.  To lean more about the original recipe and other interesting facts about this, please check out her space at:

To Grind:
1. Cinnamon, 1 small piece around an inch.
2. Cloves, 2.
3. Coriander seeds, 2 teaspoon.
4. Coconut powder, 2 teaspoon.
5. Dried red chilies, 2-3.
6. Roasted channa dhal, (pottukadalai), 1 teaspoon.

Other Ingredients:
1. Diced onions, 1 cup.
2. Diced tomatoes, 1/2 cup.
3. Green chilies, slit into two, 2.
4. Finely chopped ginger, 1 tablespoon.
5. Curry leaves, a sprig.
6. Chopped cilantro, 2 tablespoons, for garnishing.
7. Mixed vegetables, like carrots, cauliflower, green beans, peas etc, all chopped into small pieces, 1 cup.
8. Roasted wheat rava, small size, 1-1/2 cups.

For Seasoning:
1. Mustard seeds, 1/2 teaspoon.
2. Urad dhal, 1 teaspoon.
3. Channa dhal, 1 teaspoon.
4. Raw peanuts, 1 tablespoon. This can be substituted with roasted peanuts and can be added in the end.
5. Fennel, seeds, 1/2 teaspoon.
6. Turmeric powder, 1/4 teaspoon.

Heat a pan with a tablespoon of oil. Once the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds and let it splutter. Then add the peanuts and fry for a few seconds. Then add the fennel seeds, urad, dhal and channa dhal and fry for a few more seconds until it is brown. Now add the diced onions, curry leaves, saute for a few minutes until the onions are translucent. Then add the diced tomatoes, slit green chilies,  chopped ginger, and turmeric powder and keep sauteing until everything is well blended. Add enough salt and the mixed vegetables and keep cooking under low flame for 7-10 minutes until the vegetables are tender.   Add 3 cups of water now, mix everything well and let it come to a boil. Now add the wheat rava slowly and mix well. Keep the flame under low simmer and cook closed for 10 more minutes and the water is all absorbed and the rava is cooked.  At this stage, add the ground powder and mix well. Garnish with chopped cilantro and serve hot with coconut chutney or pickle.


Sathya- MyKitchenodyssey said...

Thanks so much Gita for trying the recipe and posting it with a link on your space. Hope u guys loved it very much.

Ashir Sharma said...

Nice recipe.I have never tried it but would love to.