Book review - "40 Steps To Reverse Diabetes" By Gowardhan Doddi

Diabetes is  spreading on epidemic proportions, especially in India. We have become the diabetic capital of the world since the last few years. In India, with the variety of choices of different cuisines and fast food options, foods loaded with sugars, fats, and artificial preservatives are getting consumed very often these days, since these are easily accessible owing to everyone busy and hectic lifestyle.  This ultimately leads to hereditary diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.  The sad part is that many kids are getting diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes these days.  We as the adults need to do some major lifestyle changes to make our next generation healthy and make them follow our example.

Recently I have been reading many books about healing our body naturally with food and supplements, and alternative healing therapies. It is very true that some types of foods have the power to heal our body from many diseases.  I came across "40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes" by Gowardhan Doddi, who is the founder of the Facebook group  Healthy Diet for Diabetics . This book is a very useful resource, for anyone trying to reduce their blood sugars with diet, exercise and other lifestyle modifications in simple easy to follow steps. He also shares inspiring stories about people who overcame diabetes or reduced their diabetic medications mainly through diet and exercise and what they did to achieve their goals.

The book focusses on getting back to our roots, when healthy eating was a way of life and everything was in moderation.  Each chapter in this book gives detailed information about understanding our body to overcome diabetes by following simple techniques and everything has been explained in a easy way to follow through.  The book also emphasizes on taking care of vitamin deficiencies like vitamin D and chromium, which play a major role in overall health, particularly in relation with diabetes.  It also gives elaborate information about steps and types of food to keep our body fats in the healthy range.   The book suggests making simple changes like being stress-free, having adequate sleep hours, and many more useful details, which is very much needed today to improve our overall health. I like the part where he explains about how simple day-today habits and alternate therapies can make a big difference in lowering blood sugars.  I am a strong believer in alternate therapy and the power of nourishing foods to heal our body, so I would recommend this book for people like me trying to reverse their diabetes naturally and trying to reduce their diabetic medication.

Copies of the book is available at:

All the people who purchase the E-book will get an opportunity to participate in 8 weeks diabetes challenge. This is a sincere effort by the author to make the people take action after reading the book. I am also going to participate in this challenge that is starting on May 21st.  Please click on the link below for more details about this challenge.

8-week diabetic challenge

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