This pasta is a version of the Chinese noodles I used to have at Pondicherry Engineering College canteen. My office was at this campus and almost every evening my friends and I used to take a walk to that canteen and have chili parotas or egg noodles or something yummy. Those were the days when you have almost anything without caring about the calories or carbs :) This is my attempt to recreate the same version of pasta and cutting some calories from the original version where the pasta used to be very oilyl. I used whole wheat spaghetti here and used just 1 tsp of oil for the overall recipe. The taste was really great. I make this every weekend now. The pasta which I have used here is Dreamfields pasta which has a relatively low carb value than the regular whole wheat pastas. There was no difference in taste, it tasted almost like white pastas and had a hearty texture. Another thing is that usually chili sauce is added to these types of spaghetti. I did not find them near my place, so I used only ground pepper here. The measurements used here serve for 2 persons. Here goes the recipe:

Whole wheat spaghetti around ½ a packet.
Onion- 1.
Ground pepper according to taste.
Low-sodium soy sauce, 2 tablespoons.
Chili sauce, 1 teaspoon (optional).
MSG 1 pinch (optional).
Vegetables like beans, carrot, cabbage, green peppers, scallions all coming to 1-1.2 cups when cut into thin long strips.
Salt to taste.

Cook the pasta to al-dente, drain the water, and let it cool. Meanwhile cut the onions, green peppers, cabbage, carrots, and scallions into long, thin strips. Add some oil to a wok and when the oil is hot enough, add the veggies and sauté them just for a minute. Take care not to overcook them. They should still be crisp. Then add the sauces and the MSG and mix everything well. Then add the cooked pasta and mix everything well with salt and pepper according to taste and enjoy.

VARIATIONS: Scrambled eggs can also be added to the pasta at the end.


Ann said...

Thats really amazing to hear that you love to recreate the delicacy from good old days..(not that old ?) Looks delicious and yes,those days we dont care for calories.

Preety said...

sometime now also i don't care for calories, just want to have everything i love..i love the pasta and its a good source of fiber and can be combined with any veggeis have in your refigerator..loved your recipe also

Cham said...

U lived in Pondy? My hometown, I love the remote place in east coast road.... The noodle is more definetly healthy and delicous

Vij said...

U lived in Pondicherry huh?? I hail from Cuddalore rather my grandparents hail from der.I visit the ashram very often n I am a firm believer of her.

The pasta looks so yummy!

Malar Gandhi said...

Chinese style pasta...wooo I love it, I too hang out in my University Canteen for long time, munching all these yummy food...same chili parotta, egg fun food!!! cutting down calories is hard. But once in a while...making them is alright for me...

Laavanya said...

Oh chilli parottas and noodles.. good days huh? :) This sounds very tasty too and thanks for the healthy twist..

Sunshinemom said...

Ha ha...when we those good old days, it is always layered with cream or carbs:) I too bought brown pasta this time. Your recipe looks good:)