Ladies finger/okra stir fry with peanuts


This dish is a result of my hubby's experimentation. A couple of years back when we were in Virigina, one day when I cooking a simple okra fry for lunch, he joined me with the cooking and starting adding whatever he could find from the snack rack, starting from peanuts to kara boondis :)  Since then I have been preparing okra fry this way and right now even my mom and mom-in-law started preparing  it this way.  I was surprised when my mom-in-law asked me what do I add in this dish and she was also asking my father-in-law to taste my preparation saying that it is very good :)....a simple and easy to prepare stir-fry. This goes well with rice and chapathis.

1. Ladies finger/okra, 1/2 pound.
2. Onion, medium-size, 1.
3. Sambar powder, 1 teaspoon. (can be substituted with chili powder)
4. Curry leaves, a handful.
5.  Roasted peanuts, 1/2 cup.
6.  Ginger-garlic paste, 1 teaspoon.
7. Salt as per taste.
8. Mustard seeds, 1/2 teaspoon.

Slice the onions and okra into thin slices.  Heat a pan with a tablespoon of oil. When the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds and let it splutter.  Then add the sliced onions and curry leaves and saute for a few  minutes until the onions are translucent.  Then add the ginger-garlic paste, sambar powder, sliced okras, and salt, mix everything well and cook closed under low flame for 10-12 minutes until the okras are cooked.  Finally add the peanuts, mix well and serve hot with rice or chapathis.


divya said...

super and looks delicious:)

Shama Nagarajan said...

lovely recipe and mouth watering.
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Priti S said...

I also like okra with peanuts ....crunchy and yum

kitchen queen said...

awesome and delicious tempting okra fry with peanuts.Thank u Gita for sharing.

Vaishali said...

Never thought of combining peanuts and okra, Gita, but it sounds so perfect. I am making this for sure!

Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran said...

Great combo of okra with peanuts. Tried this in Thai foods. Love this version also.

Nayana said...

we love okra in our house...gotta try this one..